Member Benefits

The strength of the Penn and Wharton alumni networks, encompassing over 200 Global Clubs and over 1,000 Canadian alumni, depends on all of us


Why do individuals join the Penn-Wharton Club of Toronto?

  • Meet new people with a similar background and goals outside of your current job, family or connections
  • Contribute to the vitality and growth of Penn-Wharton in the Toronto area and beyond
  • Showcase your skills and talents to other members by being a presenter at an event
  • Reconnect with those you went to school with
  • Continue your education
  • Network to find a new job or career
  • Gain access to Canadian and Global Club events, our exclusive University webinars, and a local member directory
  • Show your commitment by helping support ongoing admissions and mentoring activities
  • Recognize and acknowledge your commitment to our global network of alumni who will always "take the call" from fellow alumni


Benefits of Membership

  • Establish your commitment to the University and ensure the longevity of the Penn-Wharton Club of Toronto
  • Contribute to administrative costs of running the club and hosting the website
  • Discounted event tickets


IUCT (International University Clubs of Toronto)

Cambridge, Columbia, Cornell, Georgetown, IMD, INSEAD, John Hopkins, LBS, LSE, MIT, Northwestern, NYU, Oxford, Penn-Wharton, Princeton, Stanford, Syracuse, Trinity College Dublin, Yale